When Christian Gadefuhr and Johan Söderhielm first started to write music together they were clueless to the optimism, commitment and ambition that had already started to form Haunted by Destiny. As of today the band has been joined by 3 additional musicians through Simon Weston, Marcus K Johansson and last but not least Evelina Eliasson, who´s also the face of the band. 

From day one the music grew with the charasteristic details that is represented in every intro, vers and chorus. The dynamic sound has been born working together with Peter ”PP” Samuelsson at PPP Recordings and has been part of the band from the first track of the EP ”Aria” to the last track of the now completed full length album ”Aria for an Angel”. 

With the singlerelease of ”Turning Pages” the band has left additional impressions on the market and, with the video to go with it, forced the spotlight to shine on them and Eliasson. 

Haunted by Destiny has the will, the commitment and sharper edges than any artist dueling on the same stage, trying to win the interest of the audience.